Upcoming Events

  • Jul. 12 - Jul. 26, 2015
    • International Mounted Games Exchange
    • Washington, DC and Lexington, Virginia
    • more...
  • Jul. 15 - Jul. 19, 2015
    • 2015 National Dressage Championship (ABC)
    • Olds College Campus
    • more...
  • Jul. 23 - Jul. 26, 2015
    • National Show Jumping (SK)
    • Ebon Stables
    • more...
  • Jul. 31 - Aug. 17, 2015
    • International Pacific Exchange
    • WOR & COR
    • more...
  • Aug. 20 - Aug. 23, 2015
  • Aug. 28 - Aug. 30, 2015
    • National "A" PPG (ANR)
    • Edmonton
    • more...
  • Oct. 09 - Oct. 12, 2015
    • National Quiz (ABS)
    • Calgary
    • more...

Welcome to Canadian Pony Club


That all Branches are required to send a copy of all Branch minutes to the Region as soon after the meeting as possible?

  If you are not sure where to send them, contact your Regional Chair.

Canadian Pony Club is a member-based association, managed by volunteers, mandated to serve the needs of Canadian youth, ages 6 to 25 years of age, who are interested in riding, learning about and/or caring for horses or ponies. Canadian Pony Club is incorporated as a national not-for-profit organization, and carries Canadian registered charity status.

Canadian Pony Club is committed to the vision:

To provide the opportunity for every child in Canada to have a positive experience with horses through providing opportunities:

  • For Education
  • To Learn responsibility, sportsmanship and good citizenship
  • For Enjoyment and/or competitive success with horses

Membership in Canadian Pony Club includes approximately 4,500 individual members, organized through 175 branch clubs, from coast-to-coast in Canada.

Canadian Pony Club is affiliated with an international network of more than twenty national Pony Clubs in other countries. In total, the international Pony Club community includes more than 100,000 individual members, involved in providing a healthy, educational riding experience for youth, worldwide. Each national Pony Club organization, ensures that programs delivered within the country are in-line with international standards for education, testing, and competition