Cochrane Pony Club

Let's earn some badges!

Now that we are all at home, this would be a great time to work on some of our badges.

The fifth badge we will be working on is the "arts and crafts badge"

members may choose two of the following projects.
Collage – Choose a theme and create a collage. Your collage may include sub-themes, but must have a visible title.
Drawing – Draw a picture of something horsey: a portrait of your horse; a scene of a stable yard; a race track early in the morning; a mare and foal, for example. The drawing can be in crayon, pencil crayon, oil pastels, charcoal, etc. After all your hard work, you may want to frame your drawing!
Painting – Similar to drawing, paint a picture that depicts something that you like about horses.
Papier Mache >– Create a papier mache item related to your horse. Maybe a miniature saddle or riding hat to hang in your room.
Clay/Play-doh Sculpture – Using either home-made play-doh or modeling clay, create a sculpture that shows something you enjoy about horses. How about building a very colorful triple oxer!
Sewing/Embroidery – Make a patchwork item, embroidery or other stitch work with a horse theme.
Own Idea – create your own art or craft project. Be sure that it is something that you create from scratch.

Some of you have already done an arts and craft project during one of our camps. Those will also count toward your arts and crafts badge!


Our fourth badge we will be the "Equine Publisher badge"
Project Ideas for this badge:

Magazine - Create your own horse magazine! It should include:
  • Title or cover page
  • Table of contents
  • One written article – such as a story, poem, or article
  • One drawing or photo page
  • One fun activity page – crosswords, puzzles, connect the dots, etc. One advertisement – create your own product and advertise it, or create an ad for a product you use.
  • A back cover sheet.
These are just the bare minimum requirements. You may add as much to it as you like!

Story – Write a short horse adventure story. It may be a true story, an account of something that happened to you and your horse, or it may be fictional. It should have a beginning, middle, and ending and be at least one page.

Poetry – Write a collection of 2 or 3 poems about horses. It may be about your own horse, a famous horse, or something horsy like what it feels like to ride out in the open field!


The third badge we will be working on is the "Breeds badge"
Please pick a breed and make a poster, powerpoint or word document describing the horse or pony breed of your choice.
It should cover:
  • normal height of the breed
  • what country the breed comes from
  • normal colours
  • any other characteristics
  • type of horse (draft, light horse, pony , etc)
  • what is the breed used for (farm, jumping, endurance etc)
  • do you know a famous horse within that breed?

Include at least one representative picture of your chosen breed.


Our second badge in the series will be the "Bookworm badge"

Read a horse related book and write up a report about it. Please include a description of the main horse in the book as well.

You can find a template for a book report here.
Any horsey book will do, either fiction or non-fiction!


First badge will be the the "I love my horse badge"

Please find here a work sheet to fill out and email to Annette Buis. She will look them over and you will be awarded a "I love my horse badge" for completing it.
Here you can also find an example that I have filled out myself for one of my horses (Vera)

If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help!

More information on badges can be found on the Pony club website

So lets get started! Fill out the attached forms and return it! Every week we will start another one!


Cochrane ponyclub is a branch of the Canadian Ponyclub, region South Alberta.

We are also a usergroup at the Cochrane & District Agricultural Society.
Our club meets at the Pony Club Grounds on the Cochrane & District Agricultural Society lands north-west of Cochrane, off range road 43. Where we are

From May until October our mounted meetings are held on Wednesday evenings providing instruction for our members so that they may work with their own mounts in a variety of disciplines, mostly geared towards three-day eventing (dressage, cross country and stadium jumping).
Each member is assigned to a riding group based on his/her riding level.
As a part of these meeting we also organize stable management sessions. Stable management encompasses everything you need to know to be able to take good care of your horse or pony. This can include, among other subjects, grooming, stall and pasture, saddlery and care of the horse.

An active winter education program is also part of the Cochrane calendar.
From November to April, we ride indoors at the adjacent Agricultural Society arena.
The winter meetings feature presentations by guest lecturers and the opportunity to learn from a variety of experienced equine instructors about horsemanship, safety & first aid.

Field trips may be organized to provide information that will assist our riders in their development.
In the past we have had visits to stables, veterinary centres, and training facilities.

Cochrane has been very well represented in all Regional disciplines and we have had representatives participate at the National and International levels.