If you are a former member or graduate from Kingston Region Pony Club we’d like to hear from you and have your name added to this page.  Please send email to and provide the level  you achieved.

Kirsten Scott

Kirsten Scott AB Individual

  • Individual A/B Standings National Quiz Oct 2001
    • Written 34.89, Visual 23.93, Total 58.81 ranked 1
  • 2003 received graduate award and 10 year Award.
  • National Youth Director
  • 2002 received the Governor General’s Award -$1000.00

Dani Davis 

Received the Pam Dillingham award in 2004

Amy Harding

Received 10 year award in 2004

Miranda Fouzie

Received the Jack de Graaf award in 2006

Linnea Givens – Received her B Level

Linnea_Ingrid Klimke Clinic dec 2015 b

Miranda Bielicki – Received her C Level

Nicole Dupuis – Received her D Level

Pictured below with Selena O’Hanlon.

Nicole Dupuis



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