Agenda and Minutes 2015-11-18


KRPC-Kingston & Region Pony Club-Parent meeting


The regular meeting of the KRPC parent meeting was called to order at 7:00pm on November,18, 2015  at 4222 Sydenham Rd, hosted by Mary Thibault.


Andrea Soule, Brenda Bielicki, NJ Ainsile, Mary Thibault, Linda Murphy

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was distributed by Andrea soule and approved by all in attendance

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from previous meeting were reviewed

Testing: Miranda Bielicki Tested C1 and passed C1 Stable Management

Fundraising: The pony Club BBQ\Bake sale fundraising campaign raised over $800.00!!!

Pony Club home base: TBA

Branch Executive committee

Open Issues

Pony Club home base (voted on at a later date)

New Business

Protocols & Bylaws:

We are going to create guidelines and procedures to insure the club is being run correctly and effectively, and provide this club with a stable, structured and FUN educational program and to insure the best learning environment and attitudes.


The website is up and running!!! We are linked on the SLOV website so you can go through their website or google KRPC.  Linda is managing the website and making changes daily. The kids have been asked the to make a biography for themselves to be put up with their photos.

Facebook page:

The Clubs BEC (Branch Executive Committee) will be managing this page.

Instagram:  Investigating this??

Insurance Policy:

What we are covered to do by the CPC for future events held by our club.

Branch Executive Committee, nominated and accepted:

Andrea Soule, DC

Linda Murphy, ADC

Mary Thibault, Secretary

Brenda Bielicki, Treasurer

NON nominated (Volunteer positions)

Testing Chair: Brenda Bielicki

Quiz: NJ Ainslie

PPG: NJ Ainslie



Le Trec:



Branch organized activities

Pony Club Show: Committee TBA

Possible KRPC Rally:  Committee TBA

Stable Management Planning:

Amy Doornekamp DMV Booked 29th November ( cancelled due to scheduling conflict, will rebook in new year)

First Aid (human): NJ looking into cost and instructors

Black smith: Linda organizing

Field trip to a racing facility in Metcalf:  Linda organizing  

Selena O’Hanlon lesson: Barb organizing (These lessons to be subsidized from our fundraising funds for qualified members)

Agenda for Next Meeting

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Financial report: Treasure to submit for Regional GM
  • BEC vote
  • Volunteer positions
  • Membership Due
  • Christmas party


Meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm by Mary Thibault. The next general meeting will be at 7:00pm on November 25, 2015, in Andrea soule’s  tack room.

Minutes submitted by:        Mary Thibault

Approved by: Andrea soule DC / Linda Murphy ADC

Information about pony club for existing and potential new members and their parents.