Welcome to Western Ontario Pony Club

Representing the area west of Toronto in Ontario, we are a region of the Canadian Pony Club dedicated to encouraging youth leadership, responsibility and compassion through education and stable/horse management.

Upcoming Events


    March 29 - Location ONLINE

    • 10 - 11am Show Jumping Workshop
    • 11 - 12pm Rally Workshop
    • 12 - 1pm PPG Workshop
    • 1pm - 4pm Regional Meeting
    • 1pm - 4pm Senior Education

    April 19 - Location ONLINE

    • 11 - 12pm Dressage Workshop
    • 12 - 1pm LeTrec Workshop
    • 1pm - 4pm Regional Meeting
    • 1pm - 4pm Senior Education


Members range in age from 6 - 25 years old. Horsemasters is another membership category for those over the age of 21 years old. We have over 200 members in WOR and offer a variety of events and education at the Regional level on top of what is provided in your home branch or riding centre.

Testing and education of proper stable and horse management are key components of the Pony Club program.

REMINDER: When sending e-transfers to the WOR Treasurer, please use the e-mail: wortreasurer@ponyclub.ca


Current Membership CPC Forms are available under Downloads

Current Testing Examiners List is available under Downloads

Check out the Educational Resource materials posted under the Downloads section. Special details for for A - C2 levels and worksheets available for the lower levels as well. Thanks to BCIN for sharing this information with us.

Check out some great videos created by Mill Ridge Pony Club's Ashtyn Yu about National Tetrathlon 2017 (hosted by WOR) and National 'A' PPG 2017 (hosted by Nova Scotia).

Check out some great videos created by Equine Canada about National Rally (hosted by WOR), Canadian Pony Club (Builder Organization) and National "A" PPG (hosted by COR).