CPC Alumni

Adams, Karla Saddlewood |
Wonderful memories of the kind, school horses, chilly and exhilarating fall gallops, playing 'Chase Me Charlie'. Thrills of the cross-counrty course. What a wonderful youth, spent playing with the horses. The knowledge gained in Pony Club gave me the foundatioin to own my first horse. I have had horses since 1979 and still can't shake the 'horse bug'! Hello to all the girls I met at Saddlewood Pony Club!
Adams (Johnson), Tracy Victoria/Saanich | ? To 1990
I loved Pony Club Camp, it was so fun staying in a big hall with al the girls. Going to different events. Now I hear there isn't even a club in Victoria anymore.....how disapointing!
Adler (Pontin), Joan Maple Valley | 1964-68
Capt. de Demeter was one of my instructors, Fred & Col. Graffi? I used to ride Black Jack, Houdini and always admired Lucky Miss. Anyone remember these or others? A gal named Lorna taught the Pony Club at that time... wonderful memories!
Adzich, Dana Comox Valley | 1993-2001
Competing at the Western CPC Show Jumping Championships at Spruce Meadows where my horse, Cimmeron and myself finished individually reserve champion 3' and our BC Islands Team got the Silever medal in the team competition. Going to 3 National Quizes in various parts of Canada and meeting Pony Clubbers from across Canada and the US. So many special memories and so many friendships made. Pony Club was a wonderful part of my childhood.
Agatiello (Combs), Sandra Duncan then Mill Bay Pony Club | 1969 - 1971
I had a very positive experience when I was a teen while in Pony Club, when my daughter was old enough, she joined Sage & Sands Pony Club (BC) and I sat on the Local and Regional Executive. I have donated many volunteer hours as an adult and have thoroughly enjoyed the friendships I have made in BC. It is a fantastic organization.
Agatiello (Combs), Sandra Mill Bay | 1968-1973
I finished up at my B level in 1973, when my daughter was 5 yrs. Old (10 yrs ago), I became involved in the local Pony Club in Ashcroft as a volunteer. Since then, I have been on the board both at the local level and regional in various roles. The skills and knowledge I gained from being a pony clubber have enriched my life, and I am happy to say my daughter fees the same. The day she said to me as we cleaned out a paddock (at the age of 7), 'doesn't it smell just like perfume?' I knew that she was hooked on horses too. We have shared so many wonderful experiences together as part of Pony Club, and for that I am eternally grateful to this wonderful organization. This year as Rally Chair for BCIN, I look forward to hosting an event that will offer an experience for all those old and new Pony Club members in our Region. I live for part of the year in Argentina now, and I plan to share my knowledge and skills to children here, as there is a huge need. Congratulations to Pony Club in Canada, Happy 75th Anniversary.
Ainslie, N-J Frontenac Hunt/Village Creek | 70-85
now with Kingston and Region
Albertson, Carol-Anne London | 1977 to 1987
Alling (Christmann), Diane Panorama Ridge (Surrey, BC) | 1991-1994 (approx)
I have already registered but I would like to update my address which will be effective Jan. 1 2008.Thank you.Diane Alling
Alling (Christmann), Diane Panorama Ridge | 1991-95
My memories of participating in Pony Club are among my favorite childhood memories. To this day I have a special place in my heart for horses.
Archer (Misener), Veronica Fredericton | 1980-90
The Fredericton Pony Club closed its doors in 2002. Heather Touchie-Blakely and myself re-opened the FPC in March 2004. We are taking a different approach because we no longer have the location at Odell Park. I would love to hear from FPC alumni - please drop us a line! www.frederictonponyclub.com
Armstrong, Laura Toronto & North York | ? To 1972
Learning to ride through Pony Club in the North York area during the 1970's was an incredible experience. Now that my daughter is riding and a member of PC in the East Kootenays I realize just how lucky I was to have the access to Olympic caliber instructors (Jim Elder, Jim Day) and other amazing instructors (Lou Carpenter, Les Zaizer and many others) at outstanding equestrian facilities such as the T&NY Hunt Club, Elderberry Farms, Jokers Hill as well as many others. Here in the East Kootenays our facilities are few in numbers and limited. Our closest cross country course is at least 3 hours away. We have only two qualified coaches (level 1 & 2) and our region is so large that we are 4 hours away from the main location of other branches. Still, we do our best to train and compete. Often I reflect back to the great 'old Days' and am happy that I had such a great experience in Pony Club!
Ayres (Barnes), Victoria Eglinton | 1970-1978
I used to belong to the Eglinton Equestrian Club (Eglinton Pony Club)when it was on John Street in Thornhill, Ontario. I was working on my "B" when I stopped taking riding lessons and doing "pony club" things like rallys and quizes. Is there any way you can confirm on paper my final pony club level? I am hoping you have kept records all these years. Please let me know. Thanks, Vicky.