CPC Award of Excellence

This award recognizes 2 or 3 members each year who have earned the Canadian Pony Club Award of Excellence. (formerly called the Governor General's Scholarship Award)

The Canadian Pony Club Award of Excellence is a financial scholarship funded by the patron's fund of the Canadian Pony Club. Three awards are given out to Canadian Pony Club members who exemplify the aims and objectives of Pony Club.

  • HB2 and higher $1,200
  • Full C2 - B $800
  • Full C, C1 $500

To be considered for the scholarship, candidates must be attending or registered at a University or College and must have at least one more semester following the award presentation in April. The Candidates are selected on the basis of information contained in their application and their letters of reference.

CPC Award of Excellence application

Canadian Pony Club Award of Excellence

Last NameFirst NameRegionBranchYear
Zulyniak Zara Alberta South 2018
Good Dominic Manitoba 2018
Booy Tamara Alberta South 2018
Spencer Rachel BC Lower Mainland 2017
Bayer Melissa St. Lawrence/Ottawa Valley 2017
Moore Kassiday Manitoba 2017
Kerkhoven Marlies BC Lower Mainland 2016
Kornder Megan Saskatchewan 2016
Wishart Carolyne Manitoba 2016
Dealey Emma Manitoba 2015
van Nostrand Jessica Nova Scotia 2015
Richardson Colleen St. Lawrence/Ottawa Valley 2015
Lukey Alexandra BC Interior North Vernon & District 2014
Beckmann Mona BC Lower Mainland Mission Hills 2014
Booy Lindsay Alberta South Springbank 2014
Koreman Taryn BC Lower Mainland Hazelmere 2013
Maclean Eleanor BC Lower Mainland East Maple Ridge 2013
Bosman Jessica BC Interior North Vernon 2013
Clarke Trevor BC Lower Mainland Vancouver 2012
Matte Natasha St. Lawrence/Ottawa Valley Oxford 2012
Spicer Ashley Nova Scotia Evangeline 2012

Governor General's Scholarship Award

Last NameFirst NameRegionBranchYear
Hansen Damita Nova Scotia Annapolis 2011
Charlton Samantha BC Lower Mainland Vancouver 2011
Sawatzky Stephanie Manitoba North Hill 2011
McOnie Rebecca BC Interior North Armstrong 2010
Foote Rachelle Nova Scotia Annapolis 2010
Eagleson Jean Western Ontario London 2009
Koreman Tianna BC Lower Mainland Hazelmere 2009
Harman Charlotte St. Lawrence/Ottawa Valley Land O' Lakes 2009
Berger Alicia Alberta South Cochrane 2008
Cowan Kally BC Interior North Lakes District 2008
Grey Taryn Saskatchewan Willow Ridge 2008
Moore Kerry Manitoba Mars Hill 2007
Froc Brittany BC Lower Mainland Mount Cheam 2007
Swinkels Jessica Nova Scotia Fairwind 2007
Gunn Jinnelle BC Lower Mainland Grove 2006
Bueckert Kristen Saskatchewan Saskatoon 2006
Hines Sidney Nova Scotia Avon 2006
Cooke Dana BC Interior North Nicola Valley 2005
Gabrush Tatiana Saskatchewan Willow Ridge 2005
Kerr Theresa Western Ontario High County 2005
Manson Rebecca BC Islands Parksville-Qualicum 2004
Gunn Melisa BC Lower Mainland Grove 2004
Brouwer Kelly Alberta Central Thompson Country 2004
Allen Jackie Nova Scotia Annapolis 2003
Kaczmer Cheryl Alberta South Horizon 2003
Revill Ann Western Ontario Guelph 2003
Scott Kirsten St. Lawrence/Ottawa Valley Kingston & Region 2002
Zelmer Jennifer Western Ontario Albion 2002
Jones Bronwen Western Ontario Esquesing 2002
MacKinnon Melissa St. Lawrence/Ottawa Valley Ashton First Field 2002
Rainford Paula Western Ontario Esquesing 2001
Barnes Christina Central Ontario Pine Ridge 2001
Byron Alison BC Interior North Shuswap 2001
Rainford Michelle Western Ontario Esquesing 2000
Thompson Lindsay Western Ontario London 2000
Borrow Erin BC Lower Mainland East Maple Ridge 2000
Baird Annie Western Ontario Guelph 1999
Howard Rebecca BC Interior North Shuswap 1999
Merrett Faye BC Islands Quennell Lake 1999
Ansems Julie Nova Scotia Annapolis 1998
Winter Tera St. Lawrence/Ottawa Valley Ottawa Valley Hunt 1998
Summerscales Janet Alberta South Springbank 1997
Gaglione Rebecca Alberta North Strathcona 1997
Kennedy Kerry BC Interior North Bridlewood 1996
Choney Sharon Alberta North Sturgeon Valley 1996
Barnsley Amanda Western Ontario Grand River 1995
Macartney Joanne Western Ontario Grand River 1995
Williams Odette BC Lower Mainland Grove 1993
Flundra Sherri Alberta South Cochrane 1993
Stephens Danae Manitoba North Hill 1992
Cull Julie St. Lawrence/Ottawa Valley Oxford Downs 1992