How to Join

New members are always welcome in Canadian Pony Club.

If you know which Pony Club Branch you wish to join, then ask the District Commissioner of the Branch for an application form or download a copy from this website.

If you are not sure which Pony Club is nearest to you or has the format you want, you can visit our contact us page, select the Province you are in. You will find a list of all executive for that Region plus the District Commissioner of every Branch in that Province/Region.

Contact the District Commissioner of the Pony Club Branch in which you are interested or e-mail the Regional Chair to get information on all of the Branches in that Region.

The District Commissioner will tell you how much the Pony Club fees are for the current year.

In order to belong to Pony Club, your child must also belong to your Provincial Equine Sport Organization (PSO).

Once you have the application, fill it in very carefully and be sure to sign both pages. Give the signed application and a cheque to cover all fees to District Commissioner.

Welcome to Canadian Pony Club!!