Respect in Sport for Canadian Pony Club

Canadian Pony Club (CPC) is an organization whereby all members are treated with respect and are not subjected to bullying, intimidation and harassment. To ensure all volunteers in a position of authority are aware of their responsibilities with respect to the treatment of our members, CPC has partnered with Respect Group Inc. to provide a Respect in Sport online education program.

The intent of this recommended training is to:

  • empower and educate youth leaders/coaches on the prevention of abuse, bullying and harassment
  • build a holistic culture of respect within the sport community
  • provide fundamental training tools which enable ALL coaches and youth leaders to become even better role models for the young athletes in their care

At this time it is strongly recommended all CPC volunteers who have contact with/are responsible for/are in position of authroity of active and affiliate members should take this course.

The cost of the course is $30.00 The course contains approximately 2.5 hours of content, 5-30 minute modules and participants can log in and out at their convenience. The program will remember where you left off. Participants can spend as little as 5 minutes at a time.

If you have already completed the course in the last 5 years, you only need to login and enter your certificate number.

Registration and Re-Access Information

PDF version of these instruction: CPC Access Procedures

Registration Information:

  • Once at the site, the default language is English. Click the link "Français" to convert registration to French, if necessary.
  • Select "Register a New User"
  • If you have previously certified in the Respect in Sport Activity Leader program, Respect in Soccer, SpeakOut Online, or Respect in School, enter your existing certification number in the box provided and select Check. Once your profile has been found and loaded, complete the registration and select Submit.
  • If you have not certified in a Respect Group Inc. program previously, complete the displayed registration fields. All fields marked with a red X are mandatory.
  • For Username and Password, you may select any entries you wish; however spaces may not be included in the entries. Respect Group Inc. recommends using your email address for the username as this is always unique to a single individual. Please note these fields are case sensitive, and on re-entry, must be entered exactly as during registration.
  • After registration fields have been filled in, click Submit. You will be directed to the payment page.
  • Click Purchase then proceed with the PayPal payment. A receipt will be issued.
  • Once payment is successful, you will be redirected to the Home page of the program. Select the appropriate language button to access the program instructions and content.


  • Return to the website address above (same address as for registration)
  • Enter your username and password in the selection boxes indicated (username and password are case sensitive)
  • Select "Login"
  • For Username/Password assistance, click on Forgot Username? or Forgot Password? on the login page

General Information:

  • Should you experience any challenges while taking Respect in Sport, numerous tools are available inside the program and before you login. Inside the program, look for the Help button. Prior to logging in you will also see buttons to retrieve usernames and passwords, and to look up your certificate number.
  • Respect Group Inc. programs make use of Pop-Up windows within the program. Please ensure Pop-Up blockers are turned off or, when prompted, set to allow pop-ups from the identified web address.