Welcome to the Canadian Pony Club family. Your child has become a member of a national youth organization with a long and rich history and ties to an international body of equestrians and equine lovers, known around the world for its dedication to safety, knowledge and sportsmanship.

You may be a bit overwhelmed right now (often the horse craziness of the child may not be a hereditary feature) and would like some further information to help you settle into this new role. We were all new to the organization once, and hopefully the pages and links following will help to answer any questions you may have about the CPC's structure, fees, goals, opportunities, etc. so that you and your child may move quickly and comfortably into your new roles as Pony Club members.

Thank you for joining the Canadian Pony Club. We hope this will be the beginning of a time of fun and learning for you and your child as well as an opportunity for personal connection through sharing in an activity important to your child.