Fees vary from branch to branch depending on what each includes in their program offering, but are basically structured the same. You will be quoted a lump sum figure which breaks down approximately like this: a base national fee, a regional fee and a branch fee all of which cover administration costs, your childs riding passport and welcome package, and contributes toward our ability to offer national competitions, scholarships, and other functions necessary to the running of our programs. You also are required to join your local PSO (Provincial Sport Organization) through which we administer our insurance program. This is your basic registration fee structure. Fees are examined yearly to assure we are offering the best program possible while keeping costs affordable.

As your child begins their stable management learning, you will be requested to purchase appropriate manuals which are available from our in-house store, or may be obtained locally or second hand.

Throughout the year, depending on how your particular branch functions, you may be asked to pay for other extra-curricular opportunities like clinics, competitions, social activities etc. Each club handles these things differently, depending on their financial structure and resources.