The Canadian Pony Club is a volunteer run organization dedicated to the teaching of safe, knowledgeable and competent equestrian skills to youth aged 6 to 25 years and our Horse Masters aged 26 and up. Our motto is Loyalty, Character, Sportsmanship and as an organization, we seek to not only develop strong riders but also upstanding citizens. Please visit our Wall of Fame to see well known Canadians who received their start in Pony Club.

We do not receive financial support from any governmental agencies and thus depend on our fees and fundraising to offer our programs. The success of our programs depends entirely on the participation of volunteers in a variety of capacities that could include anything from helping out with a fundraiser to serving on a branch committee. Many hands make light work and everyone brings a unique set of gifts and talents to the mix. Everyone has something to offer.

Our Members participation in the club will range from actual riding (lessons, clinics, competitions) to equestrian theory and stable management teaching. Each local club functions differently depending on their access to resources but both of these components are generally available in some form to provide a well rounded knowledge and skill base for our equestrians.

Each member is encouraged to progress at their own speed and to this end, periodic testing opportunities are offered by the local clubs. Testing IS NOT mandatory. It is offered for those who wish to take advantage of a National standard against which to measure their progress. Each child is different and will succeed at their own rate. Our testing standards are recognized worldwide and are the foundation upon which the Rider Levels put forth by Equine Canada are designed. Pony Club Members are known to be knowledgeable and competent equestrians and are in demand as workers and participants in the equine industry.