Title Version Date Description Download
Annual Branch Report and Charter Renewal Form 2016-08-18 This report is due immediately following your Branch AGM in the fall and NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 31st
Branch Rules and Regulations - Default 2006-04-01 Default Rules and Regulations for Branches that do not have their own Regionally approved R & R's
Branch Rules and Regulations - Template 2008-05-16
Handbook for District Commissioners 2008-05-16
New Branch Application Form 2008-05-16
Starting a Pony Club Branch 2013-06-30


Title Version Date Description Download
CPC Billet Policy 2008-04-08
CPC Bylaws 2003 Revised 2017 2017-06-19
CPC Code of Ethics 1999-04-30
CPC Conflict Resolution Policy 2017-05-16 Policy for how to handle conflict and escalation within all levels of CPC
CPC Harassment Policy 2001-11-11
CPC Operations Manual 2017-02-01 The CPC policy and procedures manual
CPC Organizational Chart 2010-01-11
CPC Privacy of Information Policy 2004-04-30
CPC Procedures for Handling Breaches of the Code of Conduct 2003-11-08
CPC PSO Membership Policy 2008-05-16
CPC Sponsorship Policy 2004-04-30
CPC Wall of Fame Policy 2014-11-17 Information about the Wall of Fame and Application
CPC Website Policies 2011-11-11
CPC Youth Rep Roles 2017-01-01 Information about the roles of the Youth Reps in the various levels of Pony Club


Title Version Date Description Download
CPC Handbook for Riding Centres 2011-01-11
CPC Riding Centre Annual Renewal 2017-01-01 Filled out by Riding Centres annually and sent to their Region along with renewal payment.
CPC Riding Centre Application for Consideration 2011-01-11
CPC Riding Centre Contract 2017-01-01
CPC Riding Centres Facility Safety Check list 2014-12-31


Title Version Date Description Download
Annual Regional Report 2016 2015-11-20 One copy of this form is to be sent by each Region to the National Office by December 2015
Branch Status Update Form 2012-03-27 This form is to allow Regions to report changes in status of any Branches in their Region.


Title Version Date Description Download
Alberta Central Rules and Regs 2004-04-04
Alberta North Rules and Regs. 2005-04-02
Alberta South Rules and Regs. 2004-09-15
British Columbia Interior North Rule and Regs. 2004-04-04
British Columbia Islands Rules and Regs. 2004-04-04
British Columbia Lower Mainland Rules and Regs 2016-04-08
Central Ontario Rules and Regs. 2015-04-11
Manitoba Rules and Procedures 2012-01-31
New Brunswisk/PEI Regional Rules and Regs 2004-11-06
Nova Scotia Rules and Regs 2012-11-10
Saskatchewan Rules and Regs 2004-04-04
St. Lawrence Ottawa Valley Rules and Regs 2006-11-25
Western Ontario Rules and Regs 2016-11-12