Our superior education program is what allows Canadian Pony Club to stand out above the many other equine programs available. TESTING is a means of measuring the success of this program.

The CPC Testing Procedures outlines how the program works and the process to be followed. The CPC Testing Procedure Requirements for Examiners, Coaches and Candidates will tell you and your coach what you need to know at each level, the expectations.

We start at the ":D": level where you learn about your pony, what it eats, and how it keeps warm in the winter. In the riding, D's walk and trot in a ring and over poles on the ground. By the "A" level, test number 9, candidates are capable of running a stable, teaching, and working with green or problem horses.

Beginning in 2008, members can test the stable management portion of the program without the riding phase. This means that members who ride western, drive, or are not allowed to ride can show their learning and skills without riding English. Candidates can also take the flat ride stream (no jumping) or the stadium jumping stream (no cross country jumping) after showing basic skills at the lower levels.