Quizzes are staged to test a Pony Clubber's theoretical knowledge of horsemanship and of various Pony Club and Equestrian related activities. Regional Quiz competitions qualify pony club members to participate in the Annual National Quiz.

In Quiz, Pony Club members compete as teams ...without horses or ponies. Quiz tests knowledge, not skills.

Quiz has three parts:

  • a written test, which each competitor does independently;
  • a visual test where competitors have to identify strange ...obscure ...unusual objects of a horsy nature by sight, again individually;
  • and an oral test which may be done either individually or by team (each team gets to confer before answering) depending on a decision made each year well before the competition.

Each individual's scores go toward his/her team's total.

A word to the wise....Pony Club members who participate in Quiz somehow seem to do very well in testing. Studying for Quiz has that carryover.