Would you like to become a member?

The minimum age limit to join ponyclub is 6 years as of the date of joining. You can stay in ponyclub as an active member until you are 25 years old.
All members that sign up for pony club also will need to become members of the Canadian Ponyclub, the national organization.

It is mandatory for ponyclub members to become members of the Provincial Equine Sports Organization in our province. In Alberta that is the AEF (Alberta Equestrian Federation). Joining AEF also provides you with a liability insurance
Since our ponyclub uses the AG society grounds (Cochrane and District Agricultural Society), our members need to sign a waiver to be able to use those grounds. Cochrane Ponyclub pays them a usergroup fee, which is included in your membership fees. If you want to use the AG Society Grounds outside of pony club, you'll have to get a membership with them.

Unfortunately Cochrane Pony Club does not provide horses or ponies, You will have to bring your own or lease or borrow one from a third party.
If you are considering joining us, why don't you come out and visit us during one of our lessons or other activities we organize during the year. You can send our DC Allison an email to get more information on what we are doing.

For the year 2021 the fees to join Cochrane Ponyclub are:
- Cochrane Ponyclub membership: $ 195
- Optional: Winter riding fee (Jan. - April and Nov. & Dec.): $ 130
- National and regional fees: $125 ($35 regional & $90 national fee)
- AEF membership 2021: see AEF website

So regular membership fees for 2021 are a total of $ 320, fees including winter riding are $ 450.
Please be advised that there will be no refund of fees after the Pony Club year has started. National and Regional fees are absolutely non-refundable.

We only have limited spots available, so contact us soon if you are thinking about joining Cochrane Pony Club in 2021.

Contact our DC: Allison Palmer through this email address to get more information on how to sign up with Cochrane Pony Club.

If you want to use the grounds of the Cochrane & District Agricultural Society outside of pony club, you can become a member of the Society. You can find more information at the AG Society website.