To be held at the Kingston Fair on September 17, 2022. Hosted by SLOV and PPG Chair Allie Vieweg.

2023 SLOV PPG Regional Event
Kingston Fall Fair
Welcome to the 2023 St Lawrence Ottawa Valley Prince Phillip Games Regional Event. It is a great opportunity to get all of our region’s clubs and members together and compete. All riding abilities and ages are welcome to attend.

C division – (4/5 riders per team)- Entry level (including lead line ) This division is open to entry level riders and up who can control their pony at a walk/ trot ( may be led by lead line) through the skills of each race. The skills are perfected at a walk and trot and may be able to canter between skills.*If you are using a lead line, the rider must be the sole person participating in the games, the leader may not grab/ fix props for the rider. They can assist the rider with a leg up. A full team consists of 4/5 riders, and 3-5 ponies can be used. Note that if only using 3 ponies; Rider 1 and Rider 4 can share the same pony if absolutely necessary but they must take caution not to be in the way of any on coming riders.
Open Pairs Division – A/B/Masters/ Horsemasters:
This division is open to riders who are comfortable and confident with Prince Philip Games. This division requires you to have good control of your horse/ pony at a trot, canter and/ or gallop with confidence while playing the games. They must be able to mount a horse at a vault or stirrup up independently. *Pony Club Alumni are welcome to compete. Teams consist of 2 riders and 2 ponies/ horses per team.

Open On Foot Division: Relay Racing in teams on foot! Just for fun! Bring your running shoes! Open to all members, will try and make fair teams to participate. A great way to learn the games rules. Mounted riders can participate in this event at no extra cost with their entry.
Entry Fees:
RSVP your teams to Allie PPG chair by August 15, 2023.
Entries are due no later than Sept 1, 2023
Mounted Divisions: $30.00 per rider. (Add $5.00 for Alumni Entry)
Open On Foot Division: $5.00 (no cost to those who have paid in the Mounted Division)
Payments can be sent to Allie Vieweg PPG Chair via e-transfer
*See registration form.

Please refer to the Canadian Pony Club Website for the list of “PPG and Masters Games Rules”…
1) All open races are played in pairs; which means 2 riders and 2 separate horses/ ponies per team.
C Division is team of 4/5 riders per team
2) Current Pony Club Memberhip
3) Current proof of OEF membership
4) Must arrange own teams; a team can be paired between two different clubs within SLOV.
5) Must arrange own mounts and own transport of horses/ ponies.
6) All riders when not riding must help with prop crew.
7)Medical information of participant should be kept in a sealed envelope and kept with adult responsible for the minor or by the DC.
General Information:
1) No coggins required.
2) Free Parking.
3) Need copy of OEF for all riders
Food/Drinks: Bring a lunch or canteen on sight!

Volunteers for a PPG event is a very essential component for a smooth, time efficient day of competition. We are in need of volunteers to assist with the positions of Score Keeping, Line Judging and Prop Crew throughout the day. If you are not sure of the games rules or ways you can help there will be a Officials’ Briefing before the event at 0945. All help is more than appreciated, welcomed and essential! When riders or on foot competitors are not competing we would like you to assist with prop crew and get a parent and or guardian to take care of your pony.
Please let Allie Vieweg the Regional PPG Chair know if you are able to volunteer for this day.
Divisions List of Races
Mounted Heat 1
Pole Bending, 3 Mug Race, Pyramid Race, Stepping Stones, 5 Flag Race

Mounted Heat 2/ Finals:
Ball and Bucket, 5 Mug, Bottle Race, 2 Flag Race, Sword Race
Tie Breaker: Canadian Race
Open On Foot Races:
Ball and Raquet, Canadian Race, 2 Flag Race, Stepping Stones, Litter Race, Ball and cone
*Games can be subject to last minute alterations/ changes as per PPG Chair.
Score keeping:
1rst Place= 5 Points
2nd Place=4Points
3rd Place= 3 Points
4rth Place= 2 Points
5th Place = 1 Point
Disqualification in a Race=0

Schedule ( may be adjusted at a later date depending on # of entries)
09:30 Registration
09:45 Officials Meeting(for all volunteers, riders to get a lay of the land, rules, learn roles)
10:00 Beginner C Heat 1 (Tack check before you enter the ring)
10:40 Open A/B/Masters/ Horsemasters Heat 1 (Tack check before you enter the ring)
11:00 Open On Foot Division
11:35 On foot division awards ceremony
11:45 Lunch
12:45 Beginner C Finals (Tack check before you enter the ring)
Tie breakers?
13:20 C awards ceremony – victory lap
13:30 Open A/B.Masters/ Horsemasters (Tack check before you enter the ring)
14:10 Awards Ceremony ( All riders / on foot to enter the arena for ribbons and prizes,big group photo) Victory Lap


– Allie


By Terry Vieweg

SLOV Webmaster

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