SLOV Branches of the Canadian Pony Club

Below is a list of the Branches in the St. Lawrence Ottawa Valley Pony Club Region. To contact the Branch closest to you, click on the email for that Branch’s District Commissioner.  To find out more about any Branch click on the District name to visit their website. If you need help finding the closest Branch to you, please contact our Regional Chair,  Angel Mackenzie:(

Or contact Angel Mackenzie if you have interests in starting up your own branch within SLOV Region.

District: Appleton

The area for Appleton Branch is just North of Smiths Falls. The District Commissioner is Kelli Carswell. Her email is

District: Eastwind

The area of the Eastwind Branch is at and around Avonmore. The District Commissioner is Christine Esterman. Her email is  

District:  Kingston and Region

The area of Kingston and Region Branch would be Kingston, Odessa and surrounding area. The District Commissioner is Sabrina Gifford. Her email is

District: Land of Lakes

The area of Land of Lakes Branch would be Beckwith and Lanark County. The District Commissioner is Karla Graungaard. Her email address is

District: Oxford Downs

Oxford Downs includes Kars and North Grenville areas including Kemptville. The District Commissioner is Louise Hill. Her email address is

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