SLOV A Members

The following SLOV Pony Clubbers achieved A-level membership and are honoured by the                 Adele Rockwell Princess Elizabeth Trophy

Member Pony Club Year Level
Anne Marie Duarte Charleston Lake 2015 A
Tori Morgan Charleston Lake 2016 A
Katiana Fleck Oxford Downs 2016 A
Melissa Bayer Appleton 2016 RA
Charlotte Harman Land O’ Lakes 2010 HA
Melissa MacKinnon Ashton First Field 2003 A
Alexa Waissi Vaudreuil County 2002 A
Julie Cull Oxford Downs 1993 A
Stephen Leblanc Kilowen 1990 A
Anne Baskett Vaudreuil County 1984 A
Sherry Bisaillon Village Creek 1983 A
Kate Russell Ottawa Valley Hunt 1983 A
Sue Ziereisen Ottawa Valley Hunt 1982 A
Claire Smith Oxford Downs 1976 A
Lorraine LaFramboise Ottawa Valley Hunt 1974 A
Bev Mills Village Creek 1974 A
Pamela Richardson Lake of Two Mountains 1973 A
Cathy Knox-Leet Lake of Two Mountains 1972 A
Ian Millar Ottawa Valley Hunt 1967 A
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