The Margrit Wigger Award

The following was a short speech given by Val Everson on June 6th, 2004 at the Hawkridge C-level rally:

This year’s Top Stable Management Team Award will be presented in honour of Margrit Wigger, a wonderful horsewoman, who passed away last summer very unexpectedly and much too early in her life.

I have been asked to make this presentation on behalf of Bruce, Nancy and Brie Douglas who offered this award because Margrit was an inspiration in their lives.

Margrit loved Hawkridge and she was a keen supporter of Pony Club. Bruce and Nancy wanted very much to be here today but are unfortunately away at this time. It is very nice to see Brie Douglas here. Two other very important people in Margrit’s life were Vic and Joan Allen of Renroc Farm, where Margrit worked for many years.

If Margrit were here today she would want to get this little presentation over with and get back to the horses. She was a very humble and honest person who did not waste time on frivolities or unnecessary gestures. With Margrit you always knew where you stood, she said what was on her mind, worked hard and stood by everything she did. For this she was very much respected in all areas of the horse industry. She cared so much for her horses that a Stable Management Award is the perfect award to be associated with her name

I think Margrit is a model for what every Pony Club member should aspire to be whether you intend to have a future in the horse business or just be to a recreational rider. Margrit probably worked harder than just about anyone I know, she was conscientious, and the horses in her care were the most important aspect of her life. Margrit was a fabulous rider and she never stopped working on improving herself and her horses. She was a serious eventer and had a series of very successful horses.

I first got to know Margrit back in the early 1980s when we co-chaired the Regional Testing Committee. At that time she was also instrumental in the running of the Oxford Downs Pony Club and she played a huge role in the running of the Elchris Event, a very popular Event at that time. All this and Margrit never even had any children in Pony Club!! She just loved the values Pony Club instilled, and she lived them every day in her own life.

So, in memory of Margrit I hope that the winners of today’s Stable Management Team trophy go home with a real sense of pride and accomplishment for their achievement and are proud to be associated with such a wonderful award.

The following is inscribed on the Trophy:

Margrit Wigger Memorial Trophy


“As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time.” John Mason

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