Achievement Standards are the heart of Pony Club.The Canadian Pony Club has 12 levels of achievement:
E, D, D1, D2, C, C1, C2, B, B2, HA, RA, and A.Testing involves more than just riding and jumping, as the participants are also graded
on their equine knowledge and stable management skills.

The Regional Testing Chairs for 2022 are: Katiana Fleck and Nancy Fraser-Lines

Contact: slovtestingchair@gmail.com and nanci.lines@gmail.com

SLOV Testing Manual (Rev)

Intent to test at the C2-B/B2 levels are due March 1, 2017.

B assessment information:

Branch Testing Schedule: http://canadianponyclub.org/SLOV/wp/?page_id=889&preview=true

See Archives: Previous year(s) testing information

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